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You want to know what you spend your money on but don't want to always have to enter everything? You need something to reduce effort for your tax returns? With its automated scan- and entry features, detailed statistics and export-function, Plutos can help you!


Scan receipts in seconds offline, quick and easy.
Quick overview over your expenses and earnings!
Personalized categories with colors, icons and tax rate.


A lot of apps reduce the annoyance of having to regularly enter all receipts into an app by only capturing the total of your expenses. But then you loose a lot of viable information and thanks to the power of smartphones nowadays, this is no longer necessary!

Plutos connects the sensors and computation power of your smartphone into a powerful tool for automatically entering detailed expenses and earnings in seconds!

+++ Automatic Text recognition +++
The automatic receipt-scanner analyses receipts within seconds with the help of your camera. And the app also remembers all your corrections and applies them automatically!

+++ Multiple images per receipt +++
Is your receipt to long to fit into one image? Of course you can just add multiple scans together.

+++ Self learning +++
Should you ever have to correct the scanner, Plutos will learn from your changes and will apply them next time!

+++ Speech recognition +++
If you have data that can not be scanned or you do not want to use the scanner, you can also use speech recognition to enter data without having to type!

+++ Export options +++
Export your data to open them in Excel or any other statistic application.

+++ Shared Data and server backup +++
Sync your data with the server for an automatic backup and / or share your account with someone else (not mandatory!).

+++ Integrated shopping list +++
You can create shopping lists that will automatically be checked once you entered a receipt. And should you forget something, it will remind you as well!

+++ Multiple statistics +++
There are detailed statistics per day, week, month, categories, articles, locations and more!

Help me improve the translation of Plutos and I will give you an ad-free version of Plutos for free! I am greatful for any help!

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